Package org.symcomp.scscp

Interface Summary
SCSCPConstants An interface that contains the constants necessary for SCSCP-communication.

Class Summary
C3PO A class to encapsulate an SCSCP-Server.
Computation A Computation is a container that holds the request, the state and some meta-data of a computation.
ComputationState just a bunch of constants
CookieStore The CookieStore is simply a Hashtable used to store (remote) objects.
ProcedureCall A class to encapsulate an SCSCP Procedure Call, used by both servers and clients.
ProcedureCallHandler The class used to implement the handlers inside an SCSCP server.
ProcedureDone A class to encapsulate SCSCP Procedure Completed and Terminated messages
SCSCP2HandlersHandler This class implements the standard SCSCP2 calls get_allowed_heads, is_allowed_head, and get_transient_cd.
SCSCP2RemoteObjectsHandler This class implements the standard SCSCP2 calls store_session, retrieve, and unbind the store_persistent-call is at the moment unsupported, as it requires more permanent store of objects, e.g.
SCSCP2ServDescHandler This class implements the standard SCSCP2 call get_service_description.
SCSCPClient A class to encapsulate the access to an SCSCP-Server.
SCSCPServer A class to wrap the functionality of an SCSCP-server.
SCSCPSpawner A class implementing spawning and breeding of an SCSCP server, i.e making sure it keeps running.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary

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